Getting Started

Welcome! The philosophy behind this project is that speed and locality make a more efficient information worker. I believe:

  • I work better if the delay between having a thought and recording/acting on that thought is small.
  • I work better if I can decrease tab(context) switching.
  • Hotkeys are fast.

Here’s what you can do:

Opening a notepad

I recommend using the “Open Jotter” keyboard shortcut, set at chrome://extensions/shortcuts

  • It defaults to (and I use) Ctrl+Shift+Space to toggle the notepad (Cmd if you’re a mac user)
  • It works most places - in a video calls, in a full-screen video, in a pdf, on wikipedia, etc.

Or, you can press the button on the panel:


Quick-copying from the page
  • I use Ctrl+Shift+v for this
Open directly to a new notepad.

Sometimes you just want a blank scratchpad to work on immediately (like, if you jumped on a call and realized you wanted to write something down). There’s a hotkey for that - go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts and set up the hotkey that starts with Start up a new note. This stashes whatever your previous note was.

Running Bibliography

Jotter keeps track of the pages you were at when you wrote down notes. This is used if you need to check your sources later. If a reference is unnecessary, you can use the (x) button to remove it. The reference numbers (like [1]) are used when you fast-copy from a page, to tell you where you copied it from.

Connecting to Google Drive, Exporting, and Searching Drive

Export to Drive:

Searching Drive:

Honestly, I find navigating google drive slow and frustrating. If you connect your account to google drive, you can search your drive right from inside Jotter.

Exporting to Notion

I like organizing permanent information in Notion. You can connect your account and specify a parent doc for Jotter exports:

For errors and suggestions, please reach out! I’m at itsdavebot@gmail.com. I also have a discord here.